Andrew Mueller

Why did you want to serve on this board?

I’d been in touch with PML the past few years through friends from my hometown, Bayport, Wisconsin. Before I moved to Peru in 2011, I started talking with PML's president, Kara Beckman, and got to realizing the connections I could make with my work in Lima. I worked with the Building Dignity, which was started by a professor I had at Macalaster University. Based on that year of working with community-based development—starting not with the project but with the human dimension, the community, and building a coalition—that experience led me to my work with the PML projects committee.

What are your hopes for the future of PML?

I know that PML has a lot of history. But I think they’re at a point of transforming their way of working, so in a sense they’re a young organization again. The accompaniment model (working alongside and in solidarity with community leaders through the development process) is a really effective way to build partnerships, especially accross cultures.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

I bring PML experience in program design and innovation, specifically when it comes to community-based education and development in Latin America. That’s really where I hope to focus my energy. I also provide translation support and help with all things technology.