Jennifer Carlson

Why did you want to serve on this board?

I was in law school and wanted to do a clerkship in Central America. Because of my experience in Chile, I was interested in immigration law. A friend connected me to PML, and I was able to visit there and was impressed by how they operate. I left law school, but I attended a PML board meeting and enjoyed meeting the board members. I care a lot about the region, and PML offers so many opportunities to make a difference there.

How do you see PML changing the people we reach in Minnesota?

I think about the youth program and how important it is to be exposed to different cultures. We can’t underestimate the impact of that experience.

What are your hopes for the future of PML?

I hope more Minnesotans will travel to Nicaragua, that PML will expand the number of people who participate in their programs. That will increase the resources PML has for its development work in Nicaragua. It will also increase people’s capacity to welcome people of different cultures.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

I am creative about how to raise money and hope to add to the fundraising work of the board. I hope to help recruit participants for the group travel program and to go back to León myself. PML is really based on making connections and serving the community’s real needs—not on coming down, doing a project, and then leaving.