What PML Does

Our Mission

The mission of Project Minnesota/León is to strengthen human and community development through the exchange of people and ideas between Minnesota and León, Nicaragua.

Our Goals

Project Minnesota/León (PML) is a non-profit, sister state organization that has two goals:

  1. to bring together people from Minnesota and León, Nicaragua, so they can grow in their understanding of one another as individuals and cultures; and
  2. to facilitate community development in León, Nicaragua, where people organize and act collectively to improve their quality of life. 


Travel to León

To achieve its first goal, PML facilitates group travel from Minnesota to León and arranges home stays and experiential learning opportunities, in addition to volunteer projects and sightseeing. 

Many groups from Minnesota will focus their trip on a specific issue, such as human rights, education, arts, environment, or health.

By traveling to Nicaragua through PML, Minnesotans will be immersed more deeply in Nicaraguan culture than a typical tourist visit allows—while forming authentic relationships and learning about PML’s approach to working in developing countries.


Community Development in León

PML's second goal is to facilitate community development in León, where we have collaborated on community initiatives and cooperative ventures since our beginnings. In 2014, PML hired experienced development practitioner Rosa Lira Ulloa to work, using a new model of accompaniment, in the semirural San Carlos community about seven kilometers from León. 

In this process, PML helps bring together groups in the community to (1) identify their needs and resources, (2) organize themselves, and (3) seek and advocate for solutions to bring about sustainable change. Our model is about relationship-building and accompanying local groups through a process they define, rather than imposing goals or projects on the community.

To learn more about PML's community development work in San Carlos and the model of accompaniment, click here.