Maria del Rosario Cáceres

Maria del Rosario Cáceres

Why did you want to serve on this board?

I’ve always like to work with PML. For years, I had been working with Idalia Ruiz, a former board member, whenever people stayed in her neighborhood. So I’ve had many people stay in my home—with the intention of helping PML. I’ve always  had the desire to work in some sort of program where I can help, and this is one where I can contribute.

How do you see PML helping the city and the people of León?

Up until now, my experience has been participating in finding housing for delegations that come down. I’ve done that for about four yeas. This year, I'm going to start participating in the larger picture and learn more about the program. The delegations are important because many people have been helped. Many people have few resources, and PML has helped a lot of communities with a lot of needs.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

Personally, I would love to see if we could work with a child development center. I’m a retired teacher—I taught second and third grade and was a librarian—and would love to see a project like that happen. Maybe we could do a health center. I would love that. I just want to volunteer in some way.

What do you most want people who visit PML’s website to know?

I really want the people in Minnesota who have participated in PML to continue to bring that sort of connection to León. I would love to show you my neighborhood.