Lenín José Pérez

Why did you want to serve on this board?

I worked with the art school in Xuchialt, which PML has supported. But I left the art workshop, because I needed to earn a living. Then an opportunity arose for me to be a board member. I was very interested, not only because PML supported the art school, but because I could see other places where PML has projects—Gotitas de Esperanza childcare center, a women’s center in San Carlos. Some of the projects have come and gone, but I’ve had the opportunity to help PML with those efforts.

How do you see PML helping the city and the people of León?

The project helps our arts school. They’ve helped with scholarships for students with few resources. They’ve given materials to help the professors and classes. They’ve also helped other communities, for example, the preschool. It’s a public school, and anyone can go there. No one is denied. So PML has helped the community in a lot of ways, but I feel like at the same time, the people have to help themselves to get out of poverty and not expect handouts. 

What are your hopes for the future of PML?

I have been with PML longer than most of the board members, but I’m still pretty new to the board. I want the people to feel very thankful and to continue the projects that have been created. A project is like a plant that PML has planted, and I hope it will keep growing.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

Along with Elizabeth, I’m in charge of the new youth group exchange in Sutiava, so one of my roles is to look for volunteer work projects the exchange participants can carry out within the art school and the community. Right now, one of our service projects is to make new, clean signs for the Sutiava market. I also have experience working with delegations and groups. I help with projects at the art school. I would like to look at the projects we have and analyze them and help them to grow. And on the board, I'm the secretary and take minutes. We’re all new, but we’re in a position to see if we can do this work in a different way.

What do you most want people who visit PML’s website to know?

I want people to know PML has been supporting León for thirty years. Three decades, it’s been present here. Sometimes it’s very difficult for organizations to achieve that many years, so this is significant.