Carlos Alberto Pérez López

Why did you want to serve on this board?

So I could help my brothers and sisters here in León. Since I can’t do it on an economic level, I can do it sharing my personal resources.

How do you see PML helping the city and the people of León?

I know that Nicaraguans generally have needs, and so I see PML helping to satisfy some of those needs. I teach computer science to six- through sixteen-year-olds in a private Catholic school, and my experience as a teacher helps me see the needs, for example, of our students as Xuchialt, so we can better help them.


What are your hopes for the future of PML?

I hope the organization will continue helping and collaborating with the people of León.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

My opinions, my blood, sweat and tears, my help in making decisions. I have been on the board only a month and a half, but from what I know so far, I would like to participate more and am open to anything I think I can help with. 

What do you most want people who visit PML’s website to know?

There are so many things here in León, that it’s hard to explain it all. But I would like people to come to León to learn about our culture.