Karen Elizabeth Zapata Vanegas

Karen has been a lawyer for six years and did her internship with the public ministry. She is an independent lawyer and works on personal law, jurisprudence, labor law, and civil law, helps people who are in jail, and does weddings.

Why did you want to serve on this board?

When they invited me, they told me this was a nonprofit organization and a volunteer position. Maria Luisa invited me, and I saw it as a way to help other people. So my motivation was to bring my skills to other people, not only the way I do on my job, but on a bigger level. I feel like I will be enriched by serving other people and by getting to know the people I am working with.


How do you see PML helping the city and the people of León?

I believe PML helps the people of León, because young people can be enriched through its programs. Thanks to PML, at the art school we are able to cultivate in young people an appreciation for the richness of traditional Nicaraguan arts—dance, painting. In the San Carlos community, we are helping the people empower themselves—women, men, youth—to look for solutions to solve their own problems. This isn’t a situation where people look at PML and think, “Oh, they can give and give and give.” PML empowers them.

What do you think you personally bring to the board?

Right now, my focus is helping out with the community of Sutiava. I was one of the interviewers for the youth exchange, and this week, I also hope to accompany Rosa to visit the San Carlos community and learn more about her work.

What do you most want people who visit PML’s website to know?

There are so many things here in León, that it’s hard to explain it all. But I would like people to come to León to learn about our culture.