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Fall 2017 Newsletter [click here]

Check out the new issue of our newsletter. Read updates on the San Carlos community and Xuchialt Arts School, announcements about 2018 trip planning, reports on last summer's Youth Cultural Exchange and other travel groups, and more!

  • ¡QUE VIVA LEÓN! Fiesta Fundraiser
  • Potable Water Project Approved!
  • Youth Root for the Home Team
  • Art School On Track to Meet Goals
  • PML Seeks New León Director
  • Educators Explore León Schools
  • Minnesotans Bask in San Carlos Love
  • Why to Immerse Yourself in Another Culture
  • PML Hosts SpringHouse Ministry Center
  • Horses in Nicaragua


Spring 2017 Newsletter [click here]

We are happy to share with you our spring newsletter, full of interesting stories, updates, and colorful photos! Thanks to our contributors!

Read about:

  • Climate Change Impacts in Central America
  • Ensuring Clean, Plentiful Water in San Carlos
  • San Carlos Community Updates
  • Julia Soto Serves Internship with PML
  • 2017 Youth Cultural Exchange
  • New (School) Year / New Director
  • Meet Deborah Allan
  • PML's Financial Picture Strengthens
  • Volunteers Share Skills in San Carlos
  • Minnesotans Explore Nicaragua's Riches

Fall 2016 Newsletter [click here]

Read about:

  • Our three upcoming trips to Nicaragua
  • The annual Fiesta Fundraiser, held on October 8
  • PML's work with the San Carlos community
  • Parting words from board president Kara Beckman
  • Last summer's visit by 12 Nicaraguan teens with their MN host siblings
  • One of our Nicaraguan board members
  • Culture Corner: The 100th anniversary of poet Rubén Darío's death

Spring 2016 Newsletter [click here] 

We have lots of news to share this issue. A painting created by five artist/teachers at Xuchialt Art School was commissioned by the Nicaraguan embassy in Washington, D. C., and will hang in the embassy. Emily Wallace-Jackson, PML's new development and outreach director, is working to expand PML’s visibility in the Twin Cities, increase the number of groups traveling to León with PML, and help with fund-raising. Rosa Ulloa's accompaniment with women and youth in rural San Carlos continues to produce significant changes in the community. Travel groups continue to foster relationships between Minnesota and León. Two more board members introduce themselves to readers. And volunteers and an intern have been making a difference for the organization. Oh, and one more thing: Find out how to use a pila (washing sink)! 

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Fall 2015 Newsletter [click here]

Project coordinator Rosa has begun working with heads of households in San Carlos. Two Youth Cultural Exchange groups traveled this summer—one from NI to MN, another from MN to NI—to renew or form relatilonships and get to know their host country. The City of León celebrated the feast of La Virgen de La Merced. Board member María Luisa Avendaño reflects on her experience with PML. Half a dozen indivdiual volunteers have worked with PML in León on a variety of projects. 

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Spring 2015 Newsletter [click here]

Project coordinator Rosa has a new motorbike for her community development work in San Carlos. Highlights of some 2014 events include the Fiesta. Three new board members join PML. Xuchialt Art School celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Janeen McAllister reflects on the Cumbre.  Elizabeth Moreira is announced as the new PML Director. Other articles announce new board members, and provide an update on Taller Xuchialt, future delegations, and First Universalist Church's fifth Youth Cultural Exchange (YCE)


Summer 2013 Newsletter [click here] 

Meredith Wardlaw, PML On-Site Coordinator, writes about progress on projects. Kara Beckman, president of the PML northern board, describes 2013 delegations and, with Karen Allen, offers an account of a February "Visit to León."  Other articles are by Mike Troutman, Janeen McAllister and Keith Olstad.