Community Work in León

Project Minnesota/León has facilitated community initiatives and cooperative ventures since it began. Early efforts included classroom construction, equipment donation, a maternal/child nutrition program, latrine construction support, and community health center support. 

Human development is a high priority for PML. In 2014, experienced development practitioner Rosa Lira Ulloa began working in the semirural San Carlos community about seven kilometers from León. Rosa meets regularly with 65 women from the community in both neighborhood and issue-oriented groups. The women have chosen four concerns to address in the community: 

      • healthcare
      • potable water
      • housing
      • youth

To learn more about PML's community development work in San Carlos and the model of accompaniment, click here. To learn about how women in the community are addressing diminished access to potable water, click here.

PML's current development work also includes a youth art school (Taller Artístico Xuchialt) and a preschool (Gotitas de Esperanza).