Gotitas de Esperanza (Little Drops of Hope)

Carlos Nuñez is a neighborhood in León whose residents had long wished to build a preschool for their children. In 2010 Project Minnesota/León pledged $10,000 for materials and labor to help fulfill this dream. Additional funding for this preschool came from Project Opportunity (Seattle, WA). 

In May 2011 children from the community attended their first day of preschool in the new building (shown here under construction). The school has welcomed approximately 70 children and provides them with teachers, free meals, and educational fun while their parents are at work. 

PML is commited to “acompanimiento”—the concept of walking with, instead of doing for. Based on this philosophy, project facilitator Rosa Lira will be evaluating the possibility of initiating a human development process with the parents and staff of Gotitas. Depending on the results of this evaluation, she may be guiding them as they reflect on and make decisions for  the community center's future.

How It Began

This school owes its existence to the vision of the community and collaboration among several groups. In 2010, a community leader, Don Martín González, organized a meeting that began the planning. The town then purchased the title to the land where the school now stands. The community worked with the Office of the Mayor throughout the year to clear the construction site.

Don Martín also connected with the Ministry of Education to secure funding that will sustain the preschool now that it is completed. The community currently partners with a nonprofit, Aldeas SOS, which provides healthy meals and snacks for children as well as teacher training.

Project Minnesota/León staff and supporters have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the community and its care for this facility. PML has continued to support smaller projects at the school, such as the installation of a metal safety gate and floor tiles.