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"Traveling on the Edge ... in Nicaragua"

"Traveling on the Edge ... in Nicaragua," an article about Nicaragua in The Economist, talks about the beauty and safety of the country and what a great vacation destination it is. Click here to read it and see the beautiful photos of León!

Nicaragua's Secret for Keeping the Country So Safe

Unlike other Central American countries, Nicaragua has not suffered the violence of drug wars. In 2014, for example, Nicaragua registered it's lowest homicide rate during the past 15 years. The homicide rate was lowest in Central America, according to InSight Crime, and 80n percent of all homicides in Nicaragua are the result of personal disputes.

Experts say the difference has to do with the fact that Nicaragua has taken a different approach to fighting crime, particularly drug trafficking. Check out these stories from National Public Radio about ways Nicaragua's strategies in the Central American "drug war" are different from those of other nations.



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